Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Pictures Speak Louder than Words, but....

It is very common to hear great things and how effective the power of images can really be in describing situations.

When one looks at the images of mutilated dead bodies , it does not necessarily means that the dead died any worse. Death is death!Sometime with the gruesome sight of the dead lies a painless death.

If you look at the photos of starving childrean in Africa, remember more children die from Malaria too.

If U see Palestinian children parading with guns, ask yourself how many Israels actually got shot by Palestinian kids?

The power of the image can also convey exagerated messages.

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luihamu said...

Good topic man The images,you see the images,how the white man came and colonised africa,the white man exagerated the White Jesus and killed our father and mathers,they brain washed us telling us the white god is good while kidnapping , touched and killed our brothers.We have to get that image out of our head and stand up for our rights.The image we have now saying that its the era of tecknology has to come to an end,we got to have the image of our own JEMBE yes man Agriculture and our culture.jah live