Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Who undermine White Power?

I am still waiting for a day that all people of all races will be equal. I find it difficult to understand the Nazis and neo -nazis who keep complaining about the Jews and Blacks. Are they really thinking that white power is any weaker?Have U ever thought why Blacks can call each other niggers and white are prohibited to do so? Have U thought about why Jews can call each other names and other can't? Damn! I forgot that actually most of the Jews are white!Damn! Taking that into consideration, truely surely the world is one fucked up place.


Still Michael Richards is trying his best to make blacks realize even if Ur not called a nigger out loud yet, someday U will.

Sacha Baron Cohen is reminding others that it is still ok if you are a Jew to make fun of other Jews without running into problems.

Ice T does for the blacks. Or is it really true that Nigger and Nigga are different words?

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luihamu said...

Some times i wonder why we live in this dameged world,why are we still breathing?the world has turned up na down,man cant trust is fellow man,we human beings are more dangerous than animals but why where didi we go wrong man how can we fight evil?but i know we BLACK PEOPLE ARE POWERFULL AND WE BALCK PEOPLE WILL WIN EVIL WITH GOOD.