Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Why not in Africa?

In the present time Africa with all its troubles, I just wonder why I dont hear more suicidal bombers from Africa. Why are Arabs killing themselves more in the Middle East than Africans who according to me suffer more?If it is religion, why I dont see more African muslims in Africa killing themselves more. I guess it is all about the better after life, so why I dont see more Black African muslims in the front line to heaven through Martyrdom?I am just asking myself!


luihamu said...

Its becouse Africans and Africa has been coverd by the blood of Jesus,we Africans are powerfull we africans understand the situations,we Africans are rich and we africans can not be brain washed.We have our own problems but we know we will WIN GOOD OVER EVIL.JAH LIVE.

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