Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The case of Mt Kilimanjaro evaporating and not melting!

Photo by Yosemite

It was sad to know that it is still a fact that Mt Kilimanjaro is losing its glacier. Well, atleast now some scientist try to offer different dates for the grand occasion.

The language and the technicality of the processes that robs the mountain its glaciers is fascinating at many meetings , including the European Geosciences Union General Assembly meeting.It is just heartbreaking that knowing that it is actually precipitation and not temperature that contribute the most to the reduction of glacier does not help much if there is nothing that can be done reverse the situation.

The only relief for some, is the fact that the glacier never played bigger role as the source of water for the area.Well, that is if no other explanation from other scientists that might contradict the one popular now. Its tiring to hear all these different explanations about climate warming come up everyday. Atleast we now know that the Kilimanjaro glacier is evaporating and not melting.

It would be nice to know to what extent the climbers of Mt Kilimanjaro are drawn there by the icy top. Tourism would suffer if height and natural beauty minus the ice are not exerting enough pull.

I hope the ministry of environment and tourism are working out some workable plan to take care of the mountain and its legacy.

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