Thursday, April 19, 2007

While Mugabe's Zimbabwe celebrates its independence!

Once upon a time, as an African, it would be strange not to be proud of Mugabe, a freedom fighter who fought for Zimbabwe.It is sad to see how things seem to keep going wrong for the one, once regarded as a great leader and once a prosperous country , the envy of many.

Following the history of the country and the continent , it is not difficult to see how complicated the politics of Zimbabwe is. But still , it is easy to see why by keeping Mugabe as a Zimbabwe's leader complicates things even more.I think Mugabe has become a dividing factor and one who easily divert the focus from the real issues. Of course Zimbabwe's leadership as a whole is one of the issue, but Mugabe reduces it into a one leader's problems.

I can not dispute what Mugabe was saying during the celebrations.


I think whatever good intensions he has ,they have long lost their positive touch.
I think he has to find a person to succeed him. Yeltsin in Russia did.
Just like war, these african presidents need to have an exit strategy while entering the office. I find the majority of them find themselves stuck in the office fearing what the future brings.

I think it should be clear to the Mugabes and the Musevenis that, There is always going to be another person capable of leading the country. Staying long just makes you guys lose focus on what is good for the betterment of your countries.As respectable leaders it is just fine to step down as respectable people.

I can not help remembering Bob Marley's song and how much sparkles of hope it was providing. Listen..


ndesanjo said...

"I think Mugabe has become a dividing factor and one who easily divert the focus from the real issues." - I totally agree. The whole nation is held hostage by one person. Mpaka lini, Afrika?

Omar said...

Mugabe is a great disappointment. Such a well educated man, an economist at that - to have lead one of the most prosperous countries in Africa to the miserable state it is now, is just incredible!

betty said...

You think aloud in English??lool greatest discovery i've made today :) spares me from my 2cents Kiswahili mojo..and yes, i am oficially a regular from now!!

On Mugabe:tut tut..what a waste of power!..the great things he'd have done for Zim but he had to turn out into one of the many useless leaders Africa has oh so faithfully produced.


@Ndesanjo:Mpaka lini? Indeed
@Omar:As a well educated man , he definately knows that what he is overdoing is plain wrong.
@Betty:I think aloud in English too. Been lazy to do it as often as I do it in Swahili though.Feel at home here!
Mugabe makes me sad , really!