Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A Tanzanian eye on the resurrection of Mandela chieftaincy

South Africa is no Tanzania, but one can not stop to wonder, what would have happened if chiefdoms were not abolished in Tanzania.Most predictable answer from a lot of people could be that, some tribes and areas would suffer disadvantages. Now, few decades after the abolishment of chiefdoms , all that is visible is the disparity that keeps growing. Dar es Salaam is no Mtwara, and for sure one can not compare tribes either.

Well, so might argue that Tanzania is better off the way it is now compared to a lot of countries in Africa, partly due to the removal of chiefs and uniting the people under one ruler. I agree with that, but I also think where we are going it would not be a big suprise to find the country back in square one. Right now the gap between the rich and poor is growing fast.

Would the resurrection of chiefdoms in Tanzania suprise you?
Well, in South Africa, Mandla Mandela becoming a chief with Nelson Mandela (who chose to be a lawyer and not a chief) was not that much suprising.


Pitso Tsibolane said...

They say great minds think alike!My blog has a title amost similar to yours! You focus is also very similar to yours:-) pay me a visit when you got time!

Mandla Mandela becoming chief is an odd event considering that most young men his age and "connections" choose to leave ceremonial ancestral stuff to the older people while they go into business to seek wealth and "success". I am watching this unpopular move to see what the real story behind it is...im skeptical of politicians!!


@Pitso: Thanx for a visit.I am very skeptical of politicians too.

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